Digital Workforce Enablement

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Digital Workforce Enablement

I’ve been working on Digital Workforce Enablement, trying to understand how closely related Customer Experience is to Employee / Worker Experience.

I found this paper by Cisco entitled The Digitization of Work A Structured Approach to Transforming the Workforce Experience Part 1 White Paper.

If you look at the paper, it has a really nice diagram using a Tube Map analogy to depict Digital Workforce Experience. I’ve taken it and enhanced it from a lot of other research I’ve been doing to be slightly richer in content and add more aspects. Things like Automated and Augmented workforce, Knowledge Management, Process, etc.

Digital Workforce Enablement-Tube Map
Digital Workforce Enablement – Tube Map

My next goal is to do something similar for Client / Customer Experience and see how much they overlap, as I suspect there will be quite a lot of overlap in terms of the Collaboration & Communication & Social aspects.