Architecture as a Service

We offer various on-line remote Architecture Services to clients, primarily remote Architecture Modeling-as-a-Service, but also offer Business Architecture services. Also Architecture evaluation services, health-checks and reviews.

Additionally Enterprise Architecture Software-as-Service offerings to choose between, which means that you could quickly get any EA initiative up and running quickly, both supported by us and on your own. Read on to see the complete list. 

AEA Services offered


Thought services

This is a selection of whitepapers and blogs from us gathered since 2006. Feel free to consume, absorb and comment on any of it. We will use this to refine our thinking and enhance the Agile EA operational process and any of our other Architectural services we offer.




Agile EA Process as a Service

Agile EA started a TOGAF based Enterprise Architecture operational process back in 2006. It is open source, and can be used to guide any organisation on how to go about doing Enterprise Architecture in an Agile manner. 

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